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    The best software for scheduling social media posts

    By |May 5th, 2018|Categories: General|


    Social media has become a huge part of the digital marketing makeup and is something that while historically misunderstood is now becoming a popular means to engage with and market to niche audiences. The powerful advertising tools of websites like Facebook and Instagram have made them hotspots of digital marketing competition where similar brands compete for exposure on a platform their audiences use habitually.

    However, to make posting on social media commercially viable you need to be doing it a frequency that predicts when your audience will be most active and receptive to messaging. Before you go and hire someone to sit in front of your Facebook page around-the-clock, take some time to consider the many software solutions for scheduling social media posts.

    Let’s take a look at the top solutions for scheduling your posts on social media.

    Sprout Social

    When it comes down to amateur and expert social media operators, Sprout Social definitely fits with the experts. The sheer depth of information that can be accessed through their management software is impressive and they provide a powerful means of interaction between audiences and brands.

    Sprout Social can combine the social media platforms of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn with the objective of generating leads taking point with calls to action (CTA’s) at the forefront.

    Sprout Social is a powerful tool if you have the capital to invest in it for the long-term. It is definitely the premium choice when it comes to social media management.


    Everypost is a great software solution for scheduling social media posts if you don’t fancy all the bells and whistles of other options. This is a simple, no-nonsense way of combining social media accounts from Facebook, Dropbox, Email, Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, Google +, Instagram and Pintrest giving it a comprehensive list of social media channels.


    Hootsuite is the big dog when it comes to social media scheduling, being the most recognised brand of software that is used successfully to manage social media posts. Hootsuite’s powerful tools allow you to schedule posts over 1 or multiple channels at a time, with options to track character counts between different formats so that nothing is lost in translation.

    Hootsuite covers all the major social media hubs like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkeIn, Google + and others. Hootsuite dominates the field because of the fact its software combines all of the best elements of social media management systems while doing away with the less-loved ones.

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    New SEO tactics being pushed by technology

    By |April 30th, 2018|Categories: General|


    As the technology behind search engines develops and becomes more advanced, so to do the tactics used by search engine optimisation (SEO) practitioners. Older tactics like keyword optimisation and link-building are not yet totally obsolete, but emerging technologies like machine learning and voice search are beginning to change the entire landscape of how effective SEO is performed.

    More and more SEO is becoming a complicated digital science rather than a simple marketing strategy. As the technology becomes more complex so do the data points which can vary drastically between different queries.

    In the future, SEO practitioners will need to rely on the following 2 tactics in order to do their jobs effectively.

    Competitive research

    The goal of search engines like Google is to make their product more and more human in the way it interprets and serves results to search queries. This means that SEO practitioners need to make sure the content they develop is more tailored towards being sincerely good rather than something designed for search engine indexing.

    With machine learning technologies like Google’s RankBrain becoming more intelligent in how it evaluates the best search results, it can be hard for SEO practitioners to predict what optimisation strategies will actually work. With RankBrain now creating different quality measures for different queries, practitioners are forced to emulate RankBrain’s evaluation so that they can target the same things with their own sites.

    For example, if RankBran determines that the most clicked on result for a search term has few words but a greater deal of pictures and video content, it will begin to take multimedia content as a major ranking signal for those keywords. This means that a practitioner looking to compete would need to evaluate their top competitor’s web presence and copy it as much as possible.

    Data visualisation

    As search technology becomes more advanced, the analytical metrics by which SEO efforts are measured will also become more complex. This amount of raw data can be overwhelming and SEO practitioners will need to visualise the data in order to present it to their clients.

    However, visualising this data is not just a useful tool for disseminating information to non-experts, it’s also a way for SEO practitioners to analyse trends in the results of certain search queries. For example, a practitioner could represent the search engine results page (SERP) for a certain query and note the hills and valleys therein, helping them to look into important changes in the rankings.

    Deep competitive analysis and the visualisation of important data are likely going to be the two major paths that SEO practitioners follow in the near future.

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    Is the field of SEO innovating? Does it need to?

    By |April 24th, 2018|Categories: General|


    Search engine optimisation (SEO) has progressed to become one of the biggest digital marketing disciplines over the last 20 years. Since its inception, the fundamental thinking behind SEO hasn’t changed very much, with the biggest shakeup of the industry occurring when Google launches a new algorithmic update.

    But beyond the small changes to tactics to meet new algorithmic changes and the new software solutions for carrying them out, there have been no major innovations in how SEO is performed. At its heart, SEO remains centred around website optimisation tactics and digital marketing campaigns.

    Looking at the bigger picture, SEO is primarily shaped by the whims of the world’s biggest search engine; Google. Google, while its market share is not concrete, is the de facto king of search engines and is the primary target of all SEO work, even if other search engines like Bing identified for targeting.

    On a smaller scale, SEO is much about making strategic adjustments to the campaigns of clients to meet their individual needs and circumstances. Since every client is different they each have the chance to experience volatility in their rankings in unexpected places and this kind of issue needs to be addressed from an SEO perspective.

    Rather than innovate directly, SEO seems to advance by responding to innovations made by search engines and related technology. For example, the rise of voice search through virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri has led to an SEO response in the form of targeting natural speech keywords and phrases.

    Advances in artificial intelligence have enabled search engine crawlers to gauge the linguistic quality of a website’s content and it’s authoritativeness on the subject matter, rewarding it with a higher ranking if it’s considered high quality. This has prompted SEO practitioners to focus sourcing highly competent copywriters who can write in-depth and authoritatively on topics that engage users.

    Given the increased importance of high quality, user-friendly content it can be seen that, as a field, SEO has shifted from more technical optimisation factors to semantic quality. It’s now more important to have content that is sincerely good and well-read rather than litter it with relevant keywords or incorporate high DA backlinks.

    While the technical factors will always remain important, the ongoing trend in SEO seems to favour sincerely earned web presences that look less like they were deliberately engineered.

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    SEO services in Australia

    By |April 18th, 2018|Categories: General|

    SEO services in Australia can be extremely beneficial for any website owner. SEO services in Australia are often what will either make or break a website. A site is more likely to be found by more people when SEO services in Australia are implemented and people are more likely to make a sale, buy a product or sign up for a newsletter.

    Furthermore, it is more likely that a relevant audience will be found rather than wasting time on advertising that may be shown to people that are not interested in that product or offering. The more people that see a site, the more likely it is that they will think that business is reliable and reputable. Building a strong brand awareness is key for anyone that owns a website and is why SEO services in Australia are just so important.

    call centre

    On-page and off-page strategies can be implemented as a part of SEO services in Australia and can be something that makes the world of difference when it comes to a successful business. Online searchers are now the predominate way that people find a business or product, so ensuring that a webpage shows up in Google search results is imperative. This is, again, what makes SEO services in Australia so important.

    What are some of the benefits that can be had?

    There are a number of different benefits that can be had by implementing visibility methods. Brand awareness can be built which will make it more likely that clients will be found. When more clients are found, more money will be made which can then be put back into creating better products and offerings. Similarly, when a product is sold, more customers can be found which means that sales will increase. For those who wish to send out regular newsletters, it is important to have as many newsletter subscribers as possible.

    SEO services in Australia can be used to increase a site’s visibility so that more visitors will come over to that site and will be more likely to sign up for any mailing lists available.

    Furthermore, other businesses are more likely to become aware of the site which will increase the chances that they will want to reach out to collaborate. At the end of the day, there are so many different benefits to be experienced from increased visibility so there isn’t any reason why to not implement SEO services in Australia as soon as possible.

    How to find a good agency that offers SEO services in Australia

    There are many different agencies out there that offer amazing SEO services in Australia. One of the best ways to finding them is by performing a Google search. If they have implemented techniques themselves, then they will be the ones who show up on the top spot of search results. If not the top spot, then at least the first page.

    This is a great way to find an agency that walks their talk and is likely to offer amazing help and will work very hard for their clients. Furthermore, agencies are also able to help with other kinds of digital support such as assistance with social media promotion, online marketing, collaborations, web design and much more. Finding a digital agency can be an amazing way to ensure that a website has the visibility that it deserves and will reach as many people as possible.

    In conclusion, there are many amazing benefits to SEO services in Australia. Anyone that owns or runs a site will need to consider these kinds of methods in order to stay above water and it can sometimes we wise to implement help from a professional agency.


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    How to Choose a Web Hosting Service

    By |April 18th, 2018|Categories: General|

    Every business—even if it only has one employee—needs a Web presence. Check out what you need to know about shared, dedicated, and VPS Web hosting


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    How to find a standout SEO company?

    By |April 18th, 2018|Categories: General|

    There are many people out there who are searching for a standout SEO company in Australia. A SEO company in Australia is one that supports businesses by increasing their website’s visibility with a variety of methods. The only problem with this is when some businesses will use un-reputable methods which won’t do the business at hand any good in the long run.

    Such examples of this are when a business will promise that a website will show up on the top spot of Google search results, and they will promise that this will occur in a matter of days.



    What will usually happen is that they will either pay for clicks for that site, or they will use spam methods to achieve this. Spam methods can be when a site is shared to places on the internet that are not relevant e.g. a shoe store getting shared on a cat lovers forum. Furthermore, when spam methods are used, search businesses such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing will notice this and are actually less likely to feature that site in their search results. This is why it is so important to find a standout SEO company in Australia that is a Google partner and knows all of the tried, true and reputable methods that can be used. As there are so many different benefits to increasing a site’s visibility such as seeing an increase in sales, this article will explore how to find a standout SEO company in Australia.

    Ensure that no unrealistic promises are made

    A great way to finding a standout SEO company in Australia is by ensuring that no unrealistic promises are made. Great businesses will know that search engine results are calculated in cycles, and so they will aim to have a website show up in their next cycle. This whole process may take a month or more. Great businesses also know that these kinds of techniques are not something that can be done once and then never looked at again. It is absolutely imperative to work on these methods long-term in order for a website to stand out from their competitors.

    A great SEO company in Australia will relay all of this information to their clients and offer them a wide variety of services to match all budgets and will be realistic about the time frame in which results can be achieved.

    Businesses will usually offer other services too

    A standout SEO company in Australia will usually offer other types of services too. This is because there are all different kinds of methods that will not only increase a website’s visibility but will help build a positive brand awareness and reputation. These kinds of services may be social media management, content writing packages, pay-per-click packages, website design and much more. All of these types of things can be implemented along with search engine optimisation techniques to ensure that a business is getting out there as much as possible.

    The more that someone sees a brand, the more likely it is that they will mention that brand to someone else. It also means that it is more likely that purchases will be made on a site, that services will be hired, and that people will sign up for a newsletter.

    In conclusion, there are many different things that a standout SEO company in Australia is able to help with. The key is to find a business that doesn’t offer unrealistic promises and that had proven results. That will offer a wide variety of services and that will have great customer feedback to back them up.

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