So if you are searching for PPC, you might know a little bit of SEO marketing, and you might want to know how to improve your business using PPC. PPC is short for Pays per Click, and it is a model of the internet marketing where the advertisers will have to pay a fee to the search engines only when a user clicks on the link or ad they have posted.

Search engine advertising is a popular form of Pay per click, and it is an excellent model which allows advertisers to bid for ad space. As the advertisers are charged only when they the users are clicking on their ad, the model is named as Pay per click. PPC may also be called as keyword advertising.

How does PPC work?

Just because you want your ad to appear on top of the search engine, it does not mean that you can pay a lot of money and buy that space. Search engines have a separate algorithm where ads are subjected to an Ad Auction which is an automated process where the relevance and the validity of the ads that are posted are checked and based on the relevance the ads are ranked.

Google Ads:

Popularly known as Google Ad word is one of the best Pay per clicks model advertising in the world. The platform in the search engine will enable the businesses to create an ad, and that will appear when the user searches for a particular keyword. Every time a user searches for a keyword, Google looks into a pool of ads which are posted by advertisers and based on the relevancy and validity it will select a winner and make it available for the users to view.

Effective PPC keyword list:

PPC might seem like a time-consuming process, but it can be quite important for the growth of your business. For your ads to appear on the search engines, you need to make sure that your keywords contain the below factors.


The keywords you choose needs to be closely related to the product or service you are trying to sell. By providing relevant keywords, the AI in the search engines will be able to easily pick up the ad you have posted and post it in the ad space when the user searches for the keyword.


You need to make sure that your keyword is unique and profound. Having a detailed keyword will easily help search engines to pick your ad. Unique keywords are less competitive and also less expensive.


As PPC is an iterative model, you need to ensure that your campaigns are continually expanding. You need to create an environment where your keyword is growing and adapting continually.