Corporate team building exercises are a norm in many companies. They are events that foster a sense of belonging and togetherness in its staff. They usually involve outdoor activities and trips, which would push employees out of their comfort zones. These activities aim to transform employees from a group of squabbling individuals into a well-oiled machine.

Yes, taking a group of people on trips and picnics might seem like a waste of company resources. But, the results make all the expenses worthwhile. Many companies have incorporated some corporate team building events into their calendars. They do this to take advantage of their benefits.

  • They Build Trust.

Trust is an essential thing to foster in a workplace. It takes trust for a leader to delegate duties. Teammates who distrust themselves would find themselves doing more of their work individually. This individuality undermines the entire purpose of creating the team. Even worse, it also hampers productivity.

Corporate team building events help to build that trust in colleagues. After going through adventures together, teammates would find it easier to leave some work in the able hands of one another.

  • Increases productivity.

After trust between teammates is increased, productivity skyrockets in no time. That is because these corporate team building exercises make for a more cohesive workplace structure. Communication is also enhanced by these activities, and what is a team without that? Better communication would make for a more efficient workforce.

Such a team would tackle challenges faster. That helps the business achieve its goals in record time.

  • Healthy Competition.

Corporate team building

Healthy competition between different departments in the workplace can be a productivity booster. This friendly rivalry can be cultivated with some good old-fashioned corporate team building.

Pitting two departments against each other during an outdoor exercise can spark up a little competition. They can apply that to their work to increase their productivity. Nothing makes work move faster than working on getting one over a rival.

  • Resolves conflicts.

You can use another approach when there is friction between individuals or departments.

The warring parties can be shuffled into new groups during a corporate team building event. This splitting would ensure that rivals are in the same unit. Putting those people into challenging situations would have rivals working together to solve problems. These could ease the severity of the conflict or even totally resolve them.

  • Employees Can Acquire Skills.

Corporate team building exercises usually expose employees to different scenarios that are new to them. That makes it possible for them to acquire new skills that would be useful in the workplace. Leading in one of these events could foster leadership skills that would increase productivity in the workplace.


These activities are effective means of fostering interpersonal relationships between employees. That leads to increased productivity and better work etiquette. The benefits of these events way outweigh the cost of organization and planning. That is why corporate team building events are a good idea for an increase in productivity.