Many sites on the internet use WordPress. If you happen to visit at least 5 websites on the internet in a day, three of those five websites will be powered by WordPress. So if you have ever wondered what makes WordPress so great that it powers so many websites on the internet, continue reading to find out why WordPress is successful as a CMS.

Very to use:

If you want your product to be loved by your customer, you need to make sure that it is user-friendly. No one loves handling complicated things to get a solution. WordPress is very easy to use and the developer of the software, Matt Mullenweg made sure that he made WordPress user-friendly. He understood the pain points which came along as one used WordPress, so he worked on them and made sure that it is very user-friendly.


WordPress keeps things very simple. As long as you follow the Keep it Simple Silly principle, you will be able to reach out to many customers. WordPress is very simple to use, and if you have any upgrade process to be done, it just takes a couple of minutes for the process to get completed. The plugins, themes and other installation is also very simple, and thus it is generally preferred by many users.

CMS and blogs:

WordPress lets you set up both bogs and CMS for your website. With WordPress, you can have a front page designed for your website, and you can also have a blog attached to the website. WordPress has plenty of such extra features which attract many users.

SEO friendly:

Search Engine Optimization is the term you need to be looking for if you want your site to be viewed by as many people as possible. WordPress is successful as a CMS as it is SEO friendly. There are certain rules and regulations to be followed if you want your site to be ranked high and WordPress does it perfectly.

A perfect solution at the right time:

WordPress seemed to be a perfect solution for many users at the right time. WordPress was an open source, and it had lots of themes and plugins available. It also provided an easy import option to switch between blogs. WordPress provided an option to switch to the user’s product which attracted many customers. Blogging was a trend which was becoming quite popular during the year 2003 and WordPress came on time to provide a solution.

Good Marketing:

To sell your product you need to market your product properly. WordPress has done some epic marketing which has attracted many users to use their product. WordPress had a brilliant vision, and they knew how end users would feel when they use their product. So they have designed it in a way that it will be user-friendly and constructive to every user who uses their product.